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[ Player Guide ] Speed + Beginning barriers help?


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Hi, I was unsure what section to put this in. So me and a player on my server got into a discussion about how speed works in the beginning barriers. I said that it would be speed reliant because my entire team creates clones, does buffs/shields etc... before his and my Onoki puts up his WEF barrier. Then my opponents buffs/shields/clones went off then his Gaara kazekage replaced my barrier with his WE shield barrier. He said his went second because he was faster and that going second is beneficial so he believes that speed makes all your buffs go after your opponent same with barrier creation.

Is there any verification on whether being faster means you make your barrier first or not?
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It has already been confirmed that general passive activation is dependent on a team's overall initiative. If you the sum of your initiative is greater than your opponent's, you will apply your passives after they do.

Because passive barriers fall under this category, the player with the higher overall initiative will take the field.
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