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[ Ninja Exam ] 120 exam with water main


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1st Round Let the earth main get his interrupt on your water main first then you c*e AO mystery on Hashirama make sure your water clone dies as well.

2nd Round Sakura heal into Mei mystery onto Jiraiya right away Sakura with her slugs should end up killing jiraiya and hashirama

3rd round Try to mystery heal with your main as fast as possible to get rid of earth main's interrupt as well as take away the chakra so Tobirama does not use his mystery.

4th Use Ao and mei mystery on tobirama which should kill him

5th round is basically cleanup with poison and your basic attacks with mei and water main (Ao should have died by now)

Wish you all the best of luck on 120 exam!

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How did you do 117-119 if you don't mind?
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For 117 the only thing different would be i used iruka instead of Sakura.
Iruka to interrupt the lightning main's mystery

for 118-119 i used water main, mei, PB sasuke, and mabui and just mei mystery the squishies in the back.

Hope that helps!

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Any replacement for ao???
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