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[ News ] Server Merge Updates – Dec 20th


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I dont know if this server have been brought up or not but I would like to have abit of your time to take a look at S16 Kankuro's condition to check whether we could get a merge asap because we really need it.

Theres basically 2 groups left for a competitive GNW out of 3. One of the 2 is really overpowered with alot of p2w in their side and the third group is starting to die out too as most of the players starting to leave.

For other timed events, there are not much problem in killing the world boss because we have some players with decent capabilities in the server.

However, its a different stories during convoy and plunder. There aren't that many players left doing this activity for other group. So to even get 1 plunder a day is like an amazing feat.

All in all, its just that the entertainment aspect is slowly diminishing with only these 2 major groups left in GNW. And the rate of people quitting nowadays is still increasing. I hope you can look through this and would like to apologise again if someone did brought up about S16 and Im just repeating it.

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