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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 109 Wind Main


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Have been working through alternative lineups for 100+ exams on Wind Main as unlike Kaiser, I haven't unlocked Sage Naruto yet (and they dont always work with regular Naruto).

Strat for 109 follows, had used a variety of teams for the ones before (104 - 108) but most of that was through sheer stubborness and wern't great strats that work every time.

Turn 1: Hinata mystery, Kurenai mystery on Asuma. If Hinata takes a full combo, restart.
Turn 2: Use Asuma mystery on Kakashi so Hinata Acu's him and interrupts his jutsu. Use Main jutsu to refresh all timers as soon as Asuma is queued up and then use Hinata's mystery again.
Turn 3: Let Zabuza use his mystery (Kurenai will bounce the immobile) so that your chakra is 70. Then use Asuma targetting Lightning Main to kill him. Immediately re-queue Asuma up targetting Kakashi (his jutsu is now free and has 0 cooldown while chakra more than 70). Then As Hinata is being attacked, keep an eye on her health, and when it gets low, use Kurenai's mystery to shield and heal her.
Turn 4: Asuma will use his mystery on Kakashi. If Hinata got paralysed last round, she won't acupuncture here, but should have enough health and shield to take the hit anyway (she may also have more health than Asuma at this point, so Kamui might target him and is unlikely to kill him). Target Zabuza and queue up Asuma's mystery.
Turn 5: Use Main to refresh Kurenai and Hinata's mystery. Pop Hinata's mystery to keep her alive, use Kurenai to heal, finish off.

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Any tips for 100 as a wind main? i get sooo close but lose it after getting the hokages down to 1k health
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Did you dieded?
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