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Mystery: Akimichi Stream Mystery - Taiton Critical Hit - Cause damage against up to 7 enemy bodies and Knockdown to the selected enemy. This skill is immune to Interruption.~Cooling Time: 2 Rounds~Battlefield Cooldown: 1 Round~Chakra Use: 40~Additional Status: Knockdown

Standard: Super Expansion Jutsu - Attack all the enemy team and has a chance of causing Knockdown to the targets.

Chase: Spiky Human Boulder - Chase and Attack the Knocked Down enemy and cause High Combo and Knockdown.

Passive: Akimichi Secret - Recovery - Increase own Taijutsu attack and defense, whenever receiving Healing Rate.

Passive: Eating - Before first action of each round, Choji shall eat and recover life based on his own Ninjutsu.


Opinion: Front line ninja | Best mixed with healer ninjas | AOE Standard Attack | Not Commonly Used Ninja | Uninterrupted Mystery

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You guys might want to know that Choji seems to be able to activate his passive with every individual life leech.

I made that observation during one random ranked battle where I had Guy and Lightning Main on one team, Choji on another. I saw Choji's attack and defence rising multiple times after just one standard attack.
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