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[ Strategy Share ] Struggling to beat level 80 instance as azure


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Hi I recently hit 80 and I've been struggling on the Fierce Fighting Kakashi instance. I can handle all parts of it apart from the end because the way to last fight is sequenced it skips all starting clone creation because it immediatly puts you on turn 2, I normally use Ao, Azure Fang, GnW tenten, tobi so my damage is pretty decent as well as my chase. Does anyone have any recommendations for handling the instance final fight?
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I am having the same problem, i finish the previous fight with full health and backup (clones, buffs, shields and barrier)

but at this fight I get nothing at all and my stategy does base itself on protectiong the squishy damage dealers with clones and shields that last for 2-3 rounds giving me time to cause serious damage to the opponent.

But in particular fight 1 of my damage dealers is dead round one since i have nothing protecting it, the other one is dead round 2 because my support ninja (Akatsuchi) wont start the combo since it has to put the golem that wasnt there to begin with, and im left with 2 ninjas that wont do damage to Tendo.

Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug?
Any suggestions to beat this, other then completely change my lineup, which is probably what I will have to do.

Edit: Just finished it, but had to go to my old team, just for the last fight, in order to do it. Since the ninjas dont depend on buffs or protection to get the job done (Tobi, Hinata, Tsunade).
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I switched to fire because its so skillless it can beat everything. Sleep standard attack stops everything, neji cc and tobi obscene damage work wonders
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