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Shisui, Minato or Masked Man

Hey there people, Getting closer to have 11-12k coups day by day to buy one of these super hyper cyber elite ninjas in an event. i want to hear your ideas or advices about which one can have a better effect considering "able to use various lineups, directly makes you op and more useful bla bla". So which one should i focus on with these coups? Shisui, Hokage Minato or Jounin Minato, Masked Man etc. And since oasis is as slow as turtle to bring updates like "bond" one i think we should ignore that update's effect on minato. Probably i'll be a grandpa when update comes. Thank you for ideas and advices.
2018-06-13 19:52:53 - KaKoLuKia - General Discussion

Shisui or speed of light clothing?

I have like 8k coups I know it's not enough I wonder if I should collect his frags now and collect again later but I was so sad to hear that I need like 15k to get him on lucky board.... Should I just buy the new clothing and buy the remaining coups for shisui? Hmm or just go wait for lucky spins and fukorukomaru deals to have an extra beautiful rewards
2018-06-07 17:09:07 - Nakiri Alice - General Discussion

Need help with Shisui, 4th Hokage, Edo Tobirama, line-ups

Hello fellow ninjas, I need help coming up with a team for sage, gnw, and daily.. Pls help. Thank you! This my current set up Here is my main line up And here are my other ninjas
2018-05-26 15:10:50 - 4th Hokage Minato - Strategy

Need a Shisui/Minato/Blitz Counter

Hi there, so recently in sage worlds i'm coming up against people with shisui and minato. These players are weaker than me but end up winning via chaos/barriers and buffs. Is there a way someone could design a team that can help me disable shisui or somehow win against hard hitting quick teams :3 My current team is visible and i have pretty much most of the summons, sorry for so many screenshots, my kurenai has been skill breaked
2018-05-07 20:14:28 - _Light_ - Strategy

Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha [Minimalist]

2018-05-28 03:32:17 - ⛧Akuma⛧ - Fanfiction

Shisui's Lineups

Hello guys, today gonna show some teams for Shisui! enjoy ! Fire Main Fire burst team here. We have Sasuke to the front for starting the fight with his mystery in 2nd round. Shisui will play his role here, he will buff the whole team and he will remove someone's extras in 3rd round or you can wait and go to the 2nd round with his mystery ( depends the fight) Hidan will be buffed up quite good and he will do some good amounts of dmg. This team looks nice for pvp's. Earth Main Here i have some Endurance team, we have the 2 strong dodgers in the team while we running Tsunade for heals and Earth main with double attack plus defense knowledge for extra defensive stats. Team doesn't look bad, it can procceed to certain battles for sure. Naruto buffed from Shisui and every turn Mystery with immobiles will be so so good to fight with. Wind Main Welcome to the annoying Wind - Shisui team for the win :).. Here we have our Demon in the front rows buffed quite good enough to deal his massive sweep/mystery dmg. Shisui will come in 2nd position with his mystery going in on 2nd round ( depends the fight and the opponent, might be better use JM's Mystery instead of Shisui. Wind Main will produce clones and clones and clones .. while you are running Refresh mystery for debuffing and skill refreshing :D.. Lightning Main Personally this is one of my dream teams (UchihaLover here.) I would rock this team easily. Seems solid enough and those 3 together might be deadly combination. i would might change the positioning depends the battle and the mystery of lightning main. But those 3 together is a must from me personally ! If you love Uchihas those 3 needs to come together. I know there are weaknesses for root teams such as Han or Obito, but still i love this team :). Powerful enough to destroy . Madara will deal his portion and he will buff enough with shisui. Itachi will hard sweep at the front while getting hp back from anbu. Lightning main with lightning armour will hit hard as well in the end of the round. Ok guys, some Lineups are thrown here.. There are more and more lineups for this ninja because he is good and fits good enough to a lot of various teams. Thnx cya and take care!!
2017-12-23 01:48:00 - Jori. - Strategy

Shisui, Deidara or Kisame?

Which of these three ninjas would you recommend getting and why? (Shisui, Edo-Deidara, Samehada-Fusion Kisame) Which of them is the most versatile (performs well in several different game modes) and will have longevity (is still used, and will still be used in china)? Which one is your favorite and why? Cheers.
2018-01-22 20:12:19 - Rexxy - Strategy

Counter teams for Immune Shisui team

Hello guys, which teams can counter LM (root of warrior) Shisui Iruka Anbu itachi?
2018-02-18 17:37:48 - Senp990 - Strategy

About shisui

Hi, May i know shisui is it anbu or not? Because the info prize in sage key put this sentence. Read the Red coloured rectangle below. ty.
2018-04-06 15:12:54 - -Mizuzaki- - Bugs & Support

Line ups for Hokage Minato and Shisui

Anyone can help me to inform whatever line up Hokage Minato and Shisui ?
2018-04-04 16:23:53 - Chris Domsey - Strategy

Shisui Team Wallpaper

Yooo people, i decided to make this wallpaper of the team im currently running and thought someone would want to use it too! Theres 3 versions of the wallpaper to choose from! I also thought of doing this on a weekly manner for a variety of teams/characters if this post receives enough attention so i guess we'll see how it goes! Hope you like them and enjoy! Any questions or requests feel free to send me a message! #1 link: Download Here #2 link: Download Here #3 link: Download Here
2018-04-02 12:35:05 - Basaraz - Fanfiction

Jonin Minato / Shisui

Hello there , i got a question. Recently i got Jonin Minato , and Shisui. Do u have any good lineups for me? I got Kurenai full break through , Iruka and more (not Obito :( ) i would appreciate some help :*
2018-03-30 00:38:47 - Bangerang - Strategy

Shisui Hokage Minato Lineup

Guys can someone tell me the optimal positioning for a team with LM, anubu itachi, hokage minato and shisui.
2018-03-26 06:12:39 - TheGodLad - Strategy

AO or Shisui

i was wondering who should I go for. I see AO frags sometimes in events and I wonder who is better to go for cost wise and all that. So I want to look at there stats and what they can do as ninjas and what teams/main they work the best with. will this be the new fatefull clash event like with minato and obito?
2018-03-10 16:19:38 - D2@1 - Strategy

shisui,anbu itachi, iruka and lightning main team plz

can someone plz tell me a anbu itachi, iruka, shisui and lightning main linup, i have all blue and purple summons but i only have serpent, monkey kind, demon fox, flood dragon, dog of hell and giant kaysuyu as my gold summons
2018-03-18 10:27:32 - hello12345 - Strategy