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Why Shisui still keep going??

Why Shisui still keep going on every event ADMIN?? instead of edo hiruzen and angel konan how can we get a Pay to win ninjas with that.. if u change every ninja u have COME ON ADMIN!! We're a Free to Play Players that want to have a PAY TO WIN NINJAS for saving Coupon its so unfair..
2018-12-06 17:36:10 - BuLanS - General Discussion

Ninja exam 220 [water main, Kushina, Guy, Shisui] (updated)

Updates: Thanks AidaBlaze for pointing out my mistake in the original post, and it's my pleasure that this lineup helps. Original post: https://forum-narutoen.oasgames.com/page/show-post-34773-1.html AidaBlaze's comment: "Only think i found is that you cant wait for main to mystery in second round, you have to Kushina as soon as it's ready or you wont interrupt Naruto" https://forum-narutoen.oasgames.com/page/show-post-34797-1.html The original post was locked coz I post it in wrong section, apologize for that I updated and post it here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally passed this *** exam 220, I would like to share my lineup, as all of the lineups I found didn't work, perhaps coz my power is not enough I'm on lv80 with 96k bp with this lineup. Positions and skills are as below. The previous great plate event is so great, as the drop rate of Kushina is very very high, so many players may have got her. I'm using Shisui here, but I think any dodge ninja like Minato or Masked Obito is okay. Features of the enemies: (1) Sasuke and Madara have super armor, Naruto and Hashirama are immune to debuffs, Minato evades 1st attack. (2) Hashirama has absolute initiative. He releases mystery in round 2, focuses 1 unit with lowest HP, the mystery causes interruption and cannot be evaded, he launches 2 standard attacks each round and heals Minato and Naruto, his knocked down chase absorbs all chakra and causes immobile, and 30 combo chase causes immobile to 2 units. (3) Madara's passive recovers 40 chakra after others using mystery, so if any opponent succeeds to release a skill, other opponents will release skill immediately and then we boom. (4) Very hard to control a unit successfully in exams. Features of this lineup: (1) Kushina can suppress immunity and cause paralysis, so we can paralyze and stack poison on Naruto and Hashirama. (2) Water main can 100% cause chaos to a unit, so we don't need to depend on our luck and do a single exam 100 times to avoid CONTROL FAILED (this really drives me crazy) (3) Using Guy to provide life leech. Water main's healing jutsu cannot save Kushina and Shisui, the damage and critical rate of Sasuke, Madara, and Hashirama are insane. When Kushina's critical rate becomes high, she can easily recover lots of HP. I finished the fight in round 6, and all of my units had over 1/2 hp left. (4) Using a ninja with evasion skill to stop Hashirama's chase. I'm using Shisui here, I think Minato is also very good. (5) Poison and ignition really help a lot when fighting NPCs. Operation details Preparation: Make sure Shisui will have lowest HP at the end of 1st round, to attract Hashirama's skill. 1st round: (1) Hashirama launches 2 standards and combo on Kushina, Kushina's skill will be ready. (2) Kushina attacks Minato (he has lowest HP), minato evades, then use Kushina's skill on Minato, Minato will be under chaos, tag, poison (4 layers), and ignition, which causes 10k damage at the end of this round. 2nd round: It would be perfect if Minato died, but it's also okay if not, Minato only has very few HP left. (1) Don't do anything until the animation of Hashirama's mystery begins. Hashirama will focus the unit with lowest HP (Shisui), his mystery is unevadable, so his chase will be evaded and cannot absorb chakra. But because of Madara's passive, they have 40 chakra recovered, so Naruto (position 2) and Minato (position 4) use their skill. (2) Use main mystery and wait Hashirama's standards and combos on Kushina, Kushina's mystery will be ready, and then use Kushina's mystery on Naruto immediately. (2.5) If Minato alive, use Guy to interrupt him after ninja dogs come out. Minato will be killed with our standards. (3) All standard attacks will be on Sasuke, he will suffer from poison and ignition. It's fine if he is still alive at the end of this round, he won't use skills next round and has very few HP left. 3rd round: Madara (positon 3) uses his skill. (1) Use Shisui to interrupt Madara, very likely CONTROL FAILED. (2) Don't use Kushina's skill this round. Sasuke should die this round, Madara should die this or next round. 4th round: Naruto (position 2) uses his skill. (1) Use Kushina to interrupt Naruto. Poison and ignition cause huge damage to these immune ninjas XD 5th round: Hashirama uses his skill. (1) Don't do anything until the animation of Hashirama's mystery begins. He focuses Shisui again in my case. After he used his mystery, I use main's mystery. (2) The rest will be easy, use skills on Naruto or Hashirama. Naruto died in this round in my case. 6th round: Cooling down time of Hashirama's mystery is 3 rounds, he doesn't have opportunity to use mystery, we are safe now. (1) Just use skills, I finished the fight this round. Hope my lineup will help
2018-08-26 23:25:54 - Hirohiro - Strategy

Naruto + shisui

Any semi good line ups involving new naruto and shisui since I just got both? Thanks
2018-11-10 03:16:51 - maxipuu - Strategy

Shisui Kushina team help

So, I'm using Shisui, Kushina, LM team. I don't have Anbu Itachi yet, so which one of these should be my fourth ninja; Kurenai, Iruka, Anbu Kakashi, Suit Sasuke, Suit Sai?
2018-11-03 07:40:40 - SomeoneRandom - Strategy

MB lineup with Shisui & Itachi Anbu

Hi, now i've Lineup with MB* Iruka* Itachi Anbu, Shisui Uchiha x i would like to substitute Iruka, what pg is better to use? i think masked man or minato jonin, did you have any suggestion? thank you very much have a nice day/night
2018-10-31 18:17:21 - IceWolfSS - Strategy

Shisui + Sasuke + Scarlet + Karin team?

Would they be a good team? I have them all, and I have a soft spot for Karin so I was wondering if I could use her
2018-10-26 06:28:56 - ToadSenpaii - Strategy

Shisui in one of the following :Great tree,lucky board,missions

Shisui has been out for more than a year and he is a very popular ninja , like Jonin Minato, Edo Deidara and Angel Konan . But the ninjas that i've mentioned have been in the f2p friendly events (Tree,board and missions) countless times. And i know that firsthand cause i was able to recruit Jonin Minato and even 4 star Edo Deidara without even spending a single coupon , just sacrificed power i guess (sob , other f2p's gonna scold me) . I normaly wouldn't mind not having Shisui , but after drawing Madara(Founder) from the GNW treasure , and not having any other Uchihas except for the free ones (normal Sasuke, suit Sasuke , Itachi anbu) , Madara is a meme tier ninja in my hands . And i am asking you . Am i asking too much , Shisui being in one event where i actualy can know exactly how much he will cost me , with zero RNG ? My history with Shisui since he got released (37/80 frags now) 1.He is out in lucky wheel - i spend 3k , no luck , at least i maxed refines/charms 2.Lucky board (1st time)- i spend some , getting some frags 3.Wheel of fortune - i spend around 4k , literaly half the playerbase gets him , ofc no luck 4.Lucky board(2nd time)-i spend some , getting some frags (glimpse of hope there , i tell myself , yay , i will recruit him someday) 5.He appears in treasure of the sage for a cheap price , i spend 1k for him to appear - i buy some frags with my remaining cp 6.He appears in great plates (1st time) - got like 8 frags 7.And here we come to the drama 2 weeks ago ... he appears in Sakura's event for a 8k starting price which got doubled later . I would have bought like 50+ of his frags and recruited him if the price stayed that way .I was offline at work when the foodsack price was 10cp (and got punished for that) With the free foodsacks + the compensation my frag count raises to 34 . i have around 6k cp remaining at that moment . But knowing that this amount would not be enough , i don't buy anymore foodsacks . Instead i decide to go for the puppy cloth that was announced for the next (now previous) event cycle . Bad move , sad mistake , cause yeah , if you want something you gotta hunt it . 8.Last and final event , this event cycle , great plates (2nd time) . Funny RNG . First 20 free keys , 2 frags . I use my remaining 1500 cp for ........1 whole frag , summing up to the current 37/80 i have So , for the last 10months all my cp have gone to outfits(Yeah i have all of them) and a sad attempt to get Shisui . Have i done a bad resource management ?Yeah , i know that and i don't want any critisism over that . But as i said , patience got me a 4 star Edo Dei and Jonin Minato without spending anything , just cause they are popular ninjas , the have appeared a lot in events , and around 80% of the time their frags were redeemable. So Oasis , please , i don't care if it takes another 6 months , but please put Shisui in one of the following events: Konoha's Great tree,lucky board,missions general mobilisation. Even the time-limited-recruitment (the one with the keys , not seal scroll rebate) or Sakura's (yeah , again) can do the job . We got a promise on discord that he would be redeemable again after what happened with the foodsack nonsense . And we got lucky eggs(ingot event) and great plates (i repeat , 150 keys for 1 frag) in return . This is a reason to feel played
2018-10-19 10:13:42 - Dagayoto - Bugs & Support

Any teams with Anbu Yamato and Shisui?

As title says, I'm looking for teams that I c*e Anbu Yamato together with shisui? Preferably not too expensive but I would like to see some options, if there are any. Yours Sincerely Raind
2018-10-15 20:26:09 - RaindZero - Strategy

Shisui Uchiha

Please add Shisui in next week's great plates I need 2 frags
2018-10-11 21:50:29 - i rock - Bugs & Support

Angel Konan or Shisui

Hi, i have 10k cps now and I wonder if I should buy Shisui or wait until I have 20k and buy Angel Konan ? I want to build a team for now and for late game with one of them (my future and final team). There is a chance that in the future I will buy the second one. I'm fire main lvl70 (freezing) and i only have Iruka, Mifune and normal Gaara now, except basic ones.
2018-08-31 16:37:34 - Nox13 - Strategy


How much will 3 frag of shisui cost ??? I have 0 cpns :-( Pleased unmute me from general discussion
2018-10-10 21:10:49 - i rock - Strategy

Shisui or Edo tobirama?

witch ninja should i go for of these 2 i want them for a minato team im not sure i kinda like edo tobirama but idk, whats your opinions?
2018-10-04 10:28:18 - Mr.P - Strategy


OASIS , i have been waiting ( and 10 players in my servers ) for months now for shisui to come out in events as a redeemable ninja not as jackpot or paying ingots for him , so i will ask again : CAN YOU PLS PUT SHISUI AS A REDEEMABLE NINJA IN THE NEXT EVENT ?? , thank you in advance .
2018-10-02 23:39:04 - MEGADETH.... - Bugs & Support

Shisui Susano

2018-09-27 19:15:20 - Tomorrow2 - Fanfiction

Shisui And Jonin Minato

Hi first time posting, just got jonin minato off the event now and I feel bad for not using him with shisui as I got shisui about a month or two ago! Suggestions on teams please!!! these are a few of the ninjas I have. Also can I see your line ups! THANK YOU :D these are a fewof
2018-09-11 12:05:01 - Noporget - Strategy