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Angel Konan Lineup

2019-04-21 20:10:43 - Dark Horses - Fanfiction

Angel Konan or Shisui

Hi, i have 10k cps now and I wonder if I should buy Shisui or wait until I have 20k and buy Angel Konan ? I want to build a team for now and for late game with one of them (my future and final team). There is a chance that in the future I will buy the second one. I'm fire main lvl70 (freezing) and i only have Iruka, Mifune and normal Gaara now, except basic ones.
2018-08-31 16:37:34 - Nox13 - Strategy

Angel Konan Lineups

Hello, today gonna show you some hot Lineups for Angel Konan. Enjoy! Earth Main Earth Main Wind Main Water Main Wind Main Angel Konan, is a very impressive and good ninja to have for situations. She is buffing herself and she has a very high damage output plus she tags up to 9 people and she immobile the enemy with the chase. Usually you want to put her with Chakra stealing or building teams ( like Kisame Samehada, Madara etc..) so she can unleash her 100% potential. You can make some very very strong teams with her and she will be very good investment for the future as well.
2018-04-27 20:15:31 - Jori. - Strategy

NarutoOnline- fighting Matsuri / Enter Angel Konan/

ENJOY THE VIDEO ! ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9OfYnHlWkY
2018-06-18 07:07:25 - INFAMOUS 99 - Strategy

NarutoOnline - Angel konan triple tag team /

hello everyone , Enjoy the video ^^ https://youtu.be/msafGxH0sXg
2018-06-11 17:08:32 - INFAMOUS 69 - Strategy

Kushina[Habanero]/Angel Konan Team help.

what is the best possible team I can make with these ninjas.I have fire,water and lightning main.FYI-I spent 2600 coupons on wheel.
2018-05-07 21:55:55 - ShivamS - Strategy

Angel Konan Team Help

I have fire main water main and lightning main available.
2018-05-06 10:03:21 - ShivamS - Strategy

Angel Konan

Um how many Angel Konan frags do u think I can get with 10k Coupons? And should i spend on the Lucky stars wheel or wait till Konan shows up in future events?
2018-04-27 06:27:49 - stephthecurry - Strategy

How much does Angel Konan cost in the current event?

Title. My guess is like what, 20 - 30 k ignots ?
2018-04-26 16:52:42 - Philleep - Strategy