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Azure Fang SA Hidan Expert (AUTO) 4.0

- S Naruto MC Neji - - - - Kabuto It also works with purple bird, you get an extra chase with the buffed dmg from Nature Energy Gathering, but it's not a big deal if you dont have the yellow one. Be sure to use the damage scroll from treasure tools as well, the others won't make you survive in any way
2018-03-21 05:29:40 - NarukamiYuu - Strategy

Complete Lightning Main Team Guide 4.0

Video Going over every viable ninja and team for the Lightning Main as of 4.0
2018-03-15 12:13:03 - ItsBTrue - Strategy

ninja exam 128 up.4.0

main: azure fang whelp, the videos on youtube are of no help to me since theyre before the update (and unsuccessful in general) any help would be appreciated !!
2018-02-24 13:25:38 - ericaca - Strategy

Ninja exam 140 4.0

need help with this exam any teams that worked would be useful thanks in advance
2017-12-17 08:19:31 - antonfergus14@gmail.com - Strategy


2018-01-14 23:32:09 - Terminus - Strategy

Reforge Ninja Tools Guide (new red tools in 4.0)

Reforge Ninja Tools With the update of 4.0, we have 3 new red tools in game, plus red gourd in 3.0, we have 4 red tools in total, and one good news, we finally have red nature stones now. However, some of new lvl players might be a bit confused about how and when to reforge ninja tools and which ninja tools to reforge, this is what I am going to go in details in this guide. There are also players asking where to get them, so I will add an extra section about that. Where to get the new ninja tools The new ninja tools are mostly in Brother's Farewell TI, and Asura's Sword is in Hard level The Rinnegan's Pain TI. However, although only red gourds are shown in Brother's Farewell Hard, I got fan and mask from doing Bro's Hard TI as well. So for higher power players, it is recommended to do Hard TI, and they seem to have higher chance of dropping red nature stones as well. So far, Asura Sword seems only drop at Pain Hard. Following are the pictures: Sword : Pain Hard Mask: Bro's Easy Cane: Bro's Normal Gourd: Bro's Hard (Already available in 3.0, so most people have several gourds already) Which ninja tools to reforge I will make have a comparison of old or*e tool with new red tools: As you can see from above, all new red tools have 10+ increase in base stats compare to the old orange tools, so you want to use them instead of orange ones. and try to not reforge the 4 old ones, mask, cane, fan, etc. Since you will replace them once you get the new ones. But the rest orange ninja tools will stay the same for a while in 4.0, so you might want to reforge the them. However, with the new FiveKages TI coming in CN server, there is one more red ninja tool added to CN server: Six-path necklace, So you might not want to reforge Golden Rope right now, and wait for Six-path necklace. When to reforge ninja tools You want to start reforging when you can't level up your ninja tools with only 6 ninja tools. So when your ninja tools are about lvl 14 to 15. How to reforge ninja tools And always reforge using 6 tools as offerings, so 100% success rate, you don't want to waste Tool Essence, since they can only be obtained in Ultimate Training so far. Moreover, you want to add new stat to the tools with empty stats first, You want to add primary stats over secondary stats. So attack, nin, life, def and res first, then crit, combo etc, However, after some discussion with Achroma a while back, the stats on Ninja Tools are not necessary for power, so primary stats might give more power in this case, but it is more beneficial to reforge element resistances on Ninja Tools. So in the end, you want to get get a Ninja Tool like following: So 10 Ninja tools would give 20% element resistance for all elements, which are quite important for higher level battles. (Photo credit to Aika) However, for the players who started playing in 1.0. they have ninja tools with better golden stats, so it might not helpful to reforge those. ( Thanks to Ioana) Regards MidnightSun
2018-01-23 16:19:43 - MidnightSun - Strategy

Treasure Tools Breakdown Guide (4.0)

Hi, Check the video below for my review and tips about the new treasure tools function Video ------ Ill just add the details below from the events page: "Treasure Tools" New Function added. Forge Treasure Tools for your Lineup! Make a best strategy to strengthen your battle power! Period: After January 25th Maintenance Requirements: Players must reach Level 68 in order to participate. Details: Section A ) a) Equip. Players can choose between the four type of Treasure Tools for their Lineup Ninja in order to increase their battle power. b) Treasure Tools are divided into 3 Traits: B-Common, A-Great, S-Superior. The S-Superior Trait Treasure Tools have the highest value. Each Trait has 4 Treasure Tools: Golden Rope, Leaf Fan, Shichiseiken, Benihisago. They can be used in various of strategy lineups according to their different Types. Players can design the best strategy for their current lineups c) Forge. Treasure Tools can be forged by using Coins and Iron Ores, which will take 23 hours. Players with Jonin Medals can speed-up the Forging once a day. d) Advanced Forge function enable players to skip the Cooldown time, which requires Iron Ores as well as a Treasure Tool Blueprint (Blueprint can be bought from Shop). Players can get B or A or S Treasure Tools from Forging and A or S Treasure Tools from Advanced Forging. e) Level Up. Treasure Tools can be leveled by spending Ores and Coins, Higher level Treasure Tools will provide an increased status to players ninja. f) Beset. Each Treasure Tool can equip one Ability Scroll(S-Treasure Tools can beset 1 Scroll with 3 Trait Attributes, A-Treasure Tools can beset 1 Scroll with 2 Trait Attributes). Ablity Scrolls can be obtained from Ablity Scrolls Treasure. Each draw from the Ability Scrolls Treasure will be rewarded with one Ability Point.These points can be used to redeem additional Ability Scrolls (Blue, Purple, Orange, Red). The Red Ablity Scroll provide the best value to Treasure Tools. Use Ablity Scroll to Upgrade your Current Ability Scroll. g) Trait Attributes will be improved through levelling. Use Treasured Tool’s Essence to level up their Trait Attributes. The Treasured Tools Ultimate Essence will provide 1200EXP for a Treasure Tool’s Trait Attribute. h) Trait Attribute level limit will increase with the level of Treasure Tools. i) Recycle. Treasure Tools disappear after being recycled. Please, choose carefully. Ability Scrolls, Ores, Essence the Treasure Tools used that will be return after Recycling. Recycled Ability Scrolls directly go to the Ability Scrolls bag.Players can Lock the S-Treasure Tools to prevent any accidental recycling. Section B) a) Click “Home” at the Main HUD, to enter your “Home” interface and find “Mine” on the right “Home Navigation” menu. Click on “Mine” for the main character to head to the “Excavation Site”. b) After entering Excavation Site, players can click a “Mine” and set up a Lineup of Ninjas to guard their “Mine #1” while ores are being excavated. This Lineup will be in charge of protecting the ores from being stolen by other players. c) When “Mine #1” reaches Lv. 5, “Mine #2” will be unlocked (the conditions for “Mine #3” and “Mine #4” to be unlocked will follow the same process). Mines’ Level goes up by collecting Mining Points after each excavation. There is a maximum of 4 Mines for every player. The higher the level of a Mine, the better the Ores that can be collected and the more Ores can be collected through excavation. The time of exploring Mine cannot be skipped, however, there are certain events that can speed-up this process or even delay this process! (Leaving the “Excavation Site” or the “Home” interface will not affect exploring progress) d) Iron Ores, Copper Ores, Silver Ores and Gold Ores can be found while excavating mines (some ores can only be found as you level up your mine). Ores are necessary materials to Level Up and Forge new Treasured Tools. e) How to Steal Ores? Players will be given attempts to steal others’ Mines and get extra Ores without waiting for their own excavation time to end. Every day, 2 free daily Stealing Attempts are offered to players. Additional Stealing Attempts can be obtained using Coupons/Ingots. f) After successfully stealing Ores, a deck of cards will be shown as rewards, pick one! Please, pay attention to the Stealing Attempts. Stealing Attempts cost Coupons/Ingots after all free attempts have been used up. g) Players who Steal Ores can select a gift to give to the owner of the Excavation Site from which a Mine was stolen. Some of these gifts can be very special indeed!
2018-01-27 23:16:26 - Ōtsutsuki - Strategy

Update: Finally beat this - Stuck on ninja exam 137 4.0

Hey I'm stuck on ninja exam 137 (Ay, susanoo sasuke, kimi, cee, darui, beheading kakashi). I can defeat all except susanoo sasuke because he's immune to ninjutsu. I get close with fire main. I tried the utube video tips, but they all have iruka and sage naruto. I don't have these ninjas. Has anyone beat this within 48 - 56 pwr level range without Iruka, or sage naruto? I'm out of ideas any tips are appreciated. ......................... Kay I finally manage to beat this. I just needed a lot more power I guess (pwr 59510) talents 1 3 1 1 3 gold snake. I mooded Sasuke for defense (25% otherwise he wouldn't survive) I ended up using Sasuke, Guy sensei, light main, and kimi x x x x Kimi x Guy light main sasuke round 1: use sasuke's mystery round 2: MB mystery on sasuke then Guy mystery on kakashi round 3: sasuke kirin on cee round 4: MB mystery on A then Guy mystery on Darui rest was history. Anyway, thanks to everyone in the game who shared utube videos and those here who gave me ideas on how to beat this.
2018-01-31 01:01:00 - firestarter - Strategy

lvl 100, v4.0

my lineup help me please... :(
2018-01-21 18:15:48 - fmv020796 - Strategy

Hinata [Great Ninja War] 4.0 blitz lineups

Hey everyone! I am a bit late with this thread but thought I might as well cover it, as most of you may know GNW Hinata received a great buff in 4.0 update with her standard attack making her very fit for fast killing/blitz teams and making her viable in event such as Sage World Battlefield. Her mystery is amazing providing 3 attacks and clearing all debuffs (note that). (3 rounds cooldown but you will want to finish fights in 1-2 rounds while using her anyway) Her standard attack is similar to Kushimaru hitting all 3 enemies in a line and on top of that causing repulse which is perfect. Chases are nothing special, 1 does simple damage , the other one does acupuncture which can be helpful sometime. Lastly the passive makes her pretty tanky as she will come back to life with a lot hp if she dies. Now before we go into teams I wanna say that in all these teams you will want to have your best equipment on Hinata (best refines,magatama,cave runes,charm etc) otherwise the teams won't work as planned because she is the main damage dealer. Also obvious counters to her teams are Susano Itachi/ Masked Man. Alright, let's see some teams: 1. Wind Main This is one of my favorite versions because you will have an immune Hinata together with Wind Main, with refresh in 2nd round to make Hinata attack again multiple times. If you have Shisui, Darui they could also work nicely here instead of Danzo although you will lose the immobile chase and possible chaos but gain on a damaging mystery. Otherwise if you are not confident in your overall initiative and that you will get a barrier you c*e WB Asuma or another buffer. 2. Lightning Main This one is full on round 1 damage and buffs, with having 9 standard attacks just in round 1 you gotta be sure to kill someone unless the enemy is running Susano Itachi/ Masked Man or is simply much higher power. Hinata removes her own debuffs with the mystery and the other 3 ninjas are immune with root of warrior passive, only the thing is that you would prefer to not lose any hp at round 1 because you will lose the WB Asuma buff then. (Iruka is an option too but you will need to use another mystery for Lightning Main then). 3. Fire Main Unlike Wind Main with the refreshes the problem with this team is no round 2 mysteries so you gotta make sure to kill at least 2 enemy ninjas right away in round 1 which should definitely be possible if you can get the barrier and have decent equipment on Hinata compared to your enemy. Otherwise if you aren't confident in your barrier you could use WB Asuma instead of Danzo. The positive side of this team compared to all others is that it's safest for round 1 due to Fire Main mystery making everyone immune and giving bonus shields + also the Oboro Clone. 4. Earth Main This team provides amazing buffs and shields, making everyone pretty tanky and strong. Hinata and Iruka to be used in round 1, round 2 having options to use either Earth Main or WB Asuma though mostly you would prefer Earth Main to clear 1 layer of debuff and provide that bonus standard attack. The buffs in the team are mostly dependent on shields/remaining full hp so you have to be careful around that. Anyhow that would be all, you can definitely have fun with GNW Hinata, use her either in SWB or Arena
2018-01-07 22:52:04 - ICExx - Strategy

Ninetails Invasion Lightning Main Team 4.0

Hi, I am sure there's lotta players including me that are looking for a good Ninetails team in 4.0 Version. What kind of team/lineups (please tell talents too) would you recommend to use around Lightning Main for Ninetails? I have darui, danzo, mifune, iruka, asuma wb and no I do not have hashirama (yet). I have lotta ninjas and all summons except King of Hell, Kirin, Guy's Tortoise and Giant Crustacean. If I do not have ninjas/summons that you recommend, don't worry about it. Myself and everyone will get them eventually! :D I hope this post will help everyone out better than nothing!~
2018-01-08 15:08:50 - Jambo(: - Strategy

Chinese Weekend Chase Missions (4.0)

With the new update of 4.0, there are some visual bugs in the weekend chase missions, the names of the maps are shown in Mandarin. Therefore, I will make a small guide for anyone who can't find those maps. Battlefield - Mist's Seven Swordsmen Hidden Cloud Village - Ground Floor Hidden Cloud Village - Roof Assault Forces Campsite Valley Of Clouds and Lightening If anyone has other maps that they do not recognize, feel free to share it in this thread.
2017-12-31 05:31:51 - MidnightSun - Strategy

Need Help for lineups (Wind Main) on 4.0

Hi ! I need your help because I don't know what ninjas and skills use with the wind main in the 4.0 version. Here my Ninjas (I have almost Sakura Shinobi War) Thanks for the answer, I am level 39 for the moment
2017-12-24 05:07:49 - Fouyah - Strategy

Ninja exam 137 -water main 4.0

First i would like to say this was very hard to beat and it took a good 4 to 6 tries with this team so it is RNG dependent, also i'm new in making guides to help other so sorry if it is confusing. The team: the Sumon/talents: Extra information: The tactic i used was Ghost kill Lv.5 The moods where: Water Main-Ninjutsu 49% Guy-attack 29% Iruka-attack 25% Hk Minato-attack 33% Battle: First round use iruka's mystery on Ay. second round use guy's mystery on Saske, then use minato's mystery on saske if he has Tag if he dosen't then use it on someone who does, that will stop saske's and cee's mystery then heal up if iruka dies this round retreat and try again. all other rounds keep interupting darui or Ay and healing and you win. Keep in mind this team was barelly able to win and it was RNG dependent becouse of AY random attacks and his crits. Hope this helps another person pass the exam.
2017-12-10 07:08:28 - kingR2 - Strategy

Water Main 4.0 new talent (Experimental Ninjutsu) lineups

Hey everyone! So 4.0 is here and so are new Water Main talents, you might have noticed that the healing standard is buffed and also that she received a new passive skill called "Experimental Ninjutsu". Now what this passive does is gives the water main an ability to use her mysteries with 1 round less cooldown which is best used with the Shark Bomb (You are able to do the mystery every single round). The downside of this passive is that you can not use Poison Tai together with it, but it makes for a great team variety when used together with Neurotoxin passive, being able to chaos an entire team in rounds. P.S.: passively immune ninjas like jinchurikis are a bit of a problem because you can't chaos them. P.S.2: You will need high position 1 initiative for these teams to work the way they were supposed to. Alright I shall give you some team ideas now 1. Shark Kisame version This team is an expensive one due to Shark Kisame, he makes the round 1 be pretty safe for all your ninjas so you are free to use your mystery round 2, also providing that beautiful chakra drain chase. I recommend having breakthrough Kurenai of course it would be better for the team. I put 3 summons in pictures , you are to use what you have. Personally I recommend King of Hell for 1v1 PVP , and Guy's Turtle summon for Bond arena-GNW. 2. Edo Deidara version Also a bit expensive team again. This team has much higher damage output than the previous one due to Deidara, a lot of ignites/poisons with chaoses. Same as previously breakthrough Kurenai would be better but not as necessary as in previous team. I put demon fox for the full combos but if you want to just heavily rely on chaoses from mystery you could KoH, Guy's turtle also here. 3. F2P friendly version Breakthrough Kurenai would be prefer for sure due to better versatility in the team.Overall strong damage , A LOT of debuff clearing and heals bunched together with chaos from the main makes for a great team (I recommend trying this team out in space time). 4. F2P friendly version 2 (Roshi) Personally my favorite team probably out of these, being pretty easy to obtain if you play the game for some time. Kurenai chakra draining, Water Main mystery every round with full team chaoses, a lot of poisons and good chance of igniting with Roshi chase. Same as all the teams above you could use a different standard attack but the healing one is safest overall probably. 5. Shark Bomb Blitz A team that is very fast but requires a great deal of equipment stacking (that means very high critical/injury and preferably control stats would be super beneficial). Being able to use Shark Bomb right in round 1 with a pos1 ninjas, however only after her standard attack therefore creating a small problem where you can get easily countered by having her chaosed or immobiled by Susano Itachi or Masked Man for example. (therefore having high control will help a lot to not get countered) Even if vs immune ninjas due to great amount of damage this team does it can still win. Take it to Sage World Battlefield , have some fun with it if you feel your water main is strong enough Hope you guys found it useful , catch you later
2017-12-08 03:00:01 - ICExx - Strategy